Cream Of The Crop – Cherry Gas

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Discover the soothing essence of Cherry Gas, an exquisite indica strain that blends the potent genetics of Triple OG, Cherry Frosting, and Humboldt Gelato. Immerse yourself in its rich flavors and aromas of ripe berries, sweet cherries, creamy undertones, and a hint of diesel. Cherry Gas delivers a powerful body high, leaving you euphoric and uplifted before gently guiding you into a restful sleep. Perfect for alleviating depression, combating insomnia, and relieving muscle spasms, Cherry Gas is your go-to strain for ultimate relaxation and therapeutic relief.

Flavours/Aromas: Berry, Cherry, Creamy, Diesel Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Sleepy, Uplifting Medical Uses: Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms


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