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If you are looking to buy weed, you have come to the right place. Doobdasher is one of the best online weed dispensaries, with many popular weed strains available in bud form and pre-roll joints, including Sativa, Indica, hybrid, A-AAAA, and in bulk.

How do you know if an online dispensary is genuine? Check out our Trustpilot and Google reviews. We are Canada’s best online dispensary for Weed and getting cannabis delivered right to your door.

While buying Weed online from our dispensary is simple, purchasing Doobdasher edibles online couldn’t be easier. With a veritable treasure trove of options, the hardest part is deciding which way to go. From triple chocolate cookies to the most delicious gummies on the market, edibles are always an extremely popular choice. Delicious! Now is the time to purchase edibles from your best online supplier.

When you’re ready to order our popular cannabis edibles online, you’ll also find candies like Mikro Gummies, Potluck Brand, Sour Lemon Gummies, and Chocolate Shatter bars. Try the Boost Gummies in four different flavours if you’re feeling overwhelmed when shopping for online cannabis edibles.

Doobdasher is pleased to offer a wide range of cannabis products for your consideration when purchasing marijuana online, including popular cannabis strains, concentrates, CBD, edibles, vape products, and oils. The high-quality products we offer provide the safe, potent, and consistent experience you seek, but we’re also pleased to offer competitive prices, allowing everyone to find products that meet their needs and budget.

When browsing or purchasing cannabis strains, seasoned and inexperienced cannabis enthusiasts face the same difficulty: Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid? Don’t be alarmed! The knowledgeable and experienced staff at Doobdasher are well-versed in your situation.

All experienced cannabis users have used one or more of these strain types to determine intended or expected effects, which can be summarized as follows:

Indica – are well-known for being the go-to, physically sedating option that is ideal for binge-watching movies or having a “nightcap” before going to bed.

Sativa – are identified for inducing a stimulating, more cerebral effect that pairs well with more active pursuits, lively social events, and creative endeavours.

Hybrids – as the name implies, fall somewhere between Indica and Sativa, with a balance of each strain’s effects.

Although the mainstream cannabis culture has long held deeply rooted beliefs in the distinct effects of these different strains, Doobdasher’s budtenders ensure that we carry nearly every single variation of each strain and only the highest quality buds.

If you want to find a strain that will provide the best effect, you should speak with Doobdasher staff to learn about the chemical ingredients that make up that strain. This helps determine the types of strains that work best for your body. When shopping for cannabis edibles online or having them shipped, it’s good to think about potency, dose, and chemical profile.

Check out Doobdasher About Us and FAQs in the options above. If you need assistance in buying cannabis, our knowledgeable staff will consult with you and most likely recommend the most suitable strain for your liking.

When purchasing and using marijuana for the first time, the first step is to find a strain with low THC and high cannabis content. CBD is non-intoxicating and has relaxing properties that often counteract THC-related anxiety, making it an excellent place to start for newcomers.
Indeed, some strains have no THC at all. MIKRO – MIKRO – 1:1 Gummies, with only trace levels of THC to wash away stress and tension; MIKRO – CBD Gummies, with an approachable dose to allow you to ease into euphoria gradually; and Boost Gummies – Variety, for a gentle mood lift and warm euphoria without overstimulation.

Remember that what works for one beginner may not work for you, but balanced and mellow strains typically provide a more gentle euphoric experience. When ordering concentrates and other products, a THC content of more than 20% may be too potent for your needs.

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The Doobdasher website is easy to use. You can order your favourite product, pay with E-transfer, and you’re done! The item is then sent through Xpresspost and you can expect delivery to your home within 2-3 days (weather and Canada Post dependent)

If you’re new to the scene and unsure how to get involved, the knowledgeable staff at Doobdasher invites you to try all of our available options to find your new favourite. We will double-check that the product meets the highest standards after placing your order. We vacuum seal the contents to keep odours and freshness at bay and prioritize your concerns, so your order will ship in discreet packaging to ensure it arrives at your door without drawing unwanted attention.