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If you want to buy weed in Toronto, you can find many local cannabis shops. However, not every place has weed shops available, and some don’t offer plenty of options. The best way to enjoy a good weed in Toronto is to purchase it via mail order. It is easy to buy weed online in Toronto, Canada, rather than hopping from shop to shop to find all you need in a single location.

Additionally, online dispensaries like Doobdasher sell budget-friendly buds that you can easily access from the comfort of your home. We ship throughout the country, so if you are outside of Toronto, you can still get a handful of our high-quality cannabis products. This is an overview of how you can buy the best weed in Toronto, where you can get them, and why you should purchase from us.

Buy the Best Weed in Toronto

Are you looking to buy weed? You’ve come to the right place because you can purchase the best weed online at Doobdasher.

First, you should know that it’s easy to buy weed in Toronto. There are hundreds of dispensaries around, but not on every corner. However, shopping online is the easiest way to get your cannabis needs. It is the best method to purchase high-quality marijuana flowers and products.

Keep in mind to purchase your weed online from a reputable seller. Make sure that your hard-earned money goes to something good. Visit Doobdasher, your one-stop shop that offers high-quality weeds online in Toronto, Canada.

Buy Weed Online Dispensary | Toronto

Buying online in Canada offers plenty of advantages over dropping on your local marijuana dispensary to find out your favourite weed is out of stock. You can have an overview of items, and you might find something you want to try.

When you buy best weed in Canada for the first time, it can get overwhelming. Sometimes with a wide selection, you don’t know what to pick. But don’t worry; here’s how you can shop your weed online. First, choose a reputable cannabis dispensary. Try our online shop, Doobdasher. We offer a wide selection of weeds from different grading systems to strains.

The next thing you can do if you want to buy weed online is to read the review section. Are you interested in a specific strain? Read the reviews to know if the product is what you want!

Always buy from an online dispensary Canada BC that has a safe website. Avoid conducting transactions on social media platforms or forums as much as possible. When you buy from an eCommerce site, you can track your orders or even ask for assistance with your parcel. They have friendly staff committed to providing excellent customer service.

With Toronto being one of the biggest cities in Canada and the cannabis market booming, it’s easy to find a reputable source anywhere from physical stores to online weed shops.

Buy Weed Online Toronto | Best Online Dispensary

Even though you can buy weed anywhere in Toronto, nothing beats staying comfortable while shopping. Finding the best weed Canada products is better when you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house.

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Best Prices

Buying weed online is much cheaper than going to your local shop. An online marijuana dispensary offers bulk prices, discounts, and free shipping vouchers.

You are rewarded with multiple discounts when you meet the requirements or purchasing conditions. For example, spend over $149 and get free shipping.

In addition, you can even collect free promo codes when you sign up for a shop’s newsletter or refer it to a friend.

Largest Selection

You can see all its products when you buy cannabis online in Toronto. Unlike going to a physical shop, you don’t need to spend time in traffic when shopping online.

Also, you can get alternatives to your usual weed. Online stores offer a variety of cannabis products. There are more than the usual pre-rolls and flowers. You can purchase cannabis items like concentrates, tinctures, and edibles.

Furthermore, it has the largest selection of your favourite greens from different THC and CBD concentrations and multiple Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.

So, besides your usual order, you can try something new. You can experiment with other weeds to find out what’s going to be your next favourite.


The reason why online weed shops are better is because of the convenience it offers. Instead of heading out to buy your usual stash, sit in traffic, wait in line to pay, etc.

You don’t need to take a 20-minute ride or wait in line to pay when you buy online. Go to an online cannabis dispensary, choose an item, check out, pay, and wait for your package. Once you receive them, you’ll have loads of freshly packed weed with the best quality.

Safe and Secure

Delivery of marijuana mail order is safe, secure, and tightly packed. All items are shipped directly to your address without any tampering.

In addition, your identity online is protected, so no matter what you order, it cannot be traced back to you. Even if marijuana is legal, you want to enjoy your greens discreetly, so buying online will help you achieve it.

Ask for Assistance

Asking for help in person can be intimidating in a physical dispensary. However, when buying online, no one’s going to see you. You can get a friendly response from an online staff committed to providing the best customer experience.

Weed Law in Toronto | Marijuana Dispensary

Before you mail-order marijuana, make sure you know the laws in your city. In Toronto, you must be 19 years of age to purchase weed.

Whether you order online or in a physical shop, you must have a valid ID showing your birthday. Minors are not allowed to use or distribute cannabis products.

It is also essential to know that the limit of owning dried marijuana is 30 grams per person.

Another thing to remember when you consume cannabis is to be aware of the rules set in that area. You can smoke in a residential or commercial property if it is permitted. Also, never smoke in areas where there are kids or in automobiles.

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The Best Weed to Buy Online in Toronto

There are many online products, which can be pretty challenging to pick a strain. Here’s how you can get the best cannabis for your needs.


THC and CBD are two forms of cannabinoids present in a cannabis plant. Both of these can produce different types of high. THC provides the classic high effect and gives more energy to the user. Meanwhile, CBD promotes a more relaxing and calming high. There are different forms of CBD and THC products. You can buy them in edibles, CBD oil, vape pens, live resin, etc.

You can find all these cannabis types when you buy weed from the best online dispensary. Our online shop is committed to offering our customers the best cannabis products and top-notch service. So, visit Doobdasher today and enjoy the discounts we offer!


Can Weed be Delivered in Toronto?

Yes. We deliver our products anywhere in Toronto. Not only that, but we ship throughout Canada. That’s why we are considered the best marijuana dispensary in Canada.

Is Weed Legal in Canada?

Buying weed online or in a physical shop is legal. However, there are still some laws to consider. You can own up to 30 grams of dried marijuana, must be of legal age (19 years old), and smoke or consume cannabis in appropriate locations.

Is Buying Weed Online Better?

It has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, but the pros outweigh the cons. An online dispensary in Canada can offer a massive selection of cannabis strains, the lowest prices, convenience, etc.

Furthermore, an online cannabis website offers coupons or promotions. You can receive a free gift and discounts on your first order or when you meet the purchase conditions applicable for free shipping.

Another reason to buy from an online dispensary Canada is to keep your identity discreet.

What is Mail Order Marijuana?

In general terms, Mail Order Marijuana is a way to buy pot online. Buy weed refers to all cannabis-infused products, including flowers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates. Online buying of marijuana is as easy. You can peruse the products, add them to your shopping cart, and click the “buy” button.

You cannot pay for your online marijuana purchase with a credit card or through PayPal; instead, you must use an e-transfer. Banks and credit card payments do not accept cannabis as a good commodity.

Do you ship outside Toronto?

Yes, we offer online orders outside Toronto, Canada. Doobdasher delivers weed products in different cities in Canada. However, we do not ship outside the country.

Can I Be a Member If I Live Outside Toronto?

You can sign up by creating a login username and password even if you live outside Toronto. Our membership program is available for all Canadian residents.

Create an account today and get the latest updates on the cannabis industry, sales, new products, discounts, etc. Also, we provide some fun stuff and the lowest price guarantee for our members.

Can You Order Edibles Online in Toronto?

Online shops offer more than buds. You can order edibles, concentrates, vapes, etc. You can mix and match your orders as much as you want to stock up on your greens.

Do You Sell Cannabis to Customers without Prescription?

Yes. The good thing about marijuana legalization is that you can buy without a prescription from your doctor. It is legal to consume cannabis recreationally or medically, as long as you do not go against the conditions the law provides.

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